Guatemalan Insanity Stout...

After a quiet few months we slap 2018 in the chops with our first bottled release of the year!

- Guatemalan Insanity Stout - 6.1% Chilli Mocha Milk Stout. 
Brewed with the finest Guatemalan coffee from local coffee merchant Hasbean, and ample amounts of cacao nibs, there was an expectation that this beer will contain chillies given The Simpsons reference. Not wanting to disappoint, we conditioned the beer on chipotle chillies for an extra smoky spice hit, complementing the coffee and chocolate perfectly. Discover your spirit animal! 

You can purchase this beer at Fiveclouds Tap and Bottle (Macclesfield) and Vinehop (Poynton).

Dave Harrison-Ward