Scandi Farmhouse Ale & Incite a Riot...

Our latest beers are now available, perfect for this scorching weather!

- Scandi Farmhouse Ale - Rye & Lingonberry Kveik Ale 5.4%
Brewed using a traditional Norwegian farmhouse yeast (know as Kveik), we made sure this beer didn’t stray too far from it’s Scandi roots, so the grist comprised of 20% rye malt and it was left to condition on dried lingonberries. The fruitiness of the berries perfectly compliment the orange peel esters and malt background. This is a naturally yeasty beverage, give it a swirl, don’t be afraid! Skål!

- Incite a Riot - Rye Pale 5.4%
We believe if you’re going to brew a rye beer, make the malt bill 20% rye or don’t bother brewing it at all! The rye lends some earthy spiciness to the beer, but dry hopped it with Columbus, Simcoe and Vic Secret gives it a juicy layer of fruit, smoothing out the spiky edges. 

You will find these beers at Fiveclouds Tap and Bottle (Macclesfield), Spout/The Bottle Lab (Leek), Beer District (Buxton) and Bargain Booze Davenport (Stockport). 

Dave Harrison-Ward